Cercis canadensis 'Oklahoma'

Plant Group: Deciduous Trees
Genus: Cercis
Species 'Var': canadensis
Common Name: 'Oklahoma'

Quick Facts:

An excellent selection for a small suburban garden, residential streets, parks and garden areas. It has a spectacular display of deep pinkish- purple blooms for a few weeks late Winter to early Spring before they grow their new foliage. Habit is small compact, upright spreading to rounded. One of the best heat resistant selections of the redbud cultivars. Prefers full sun and moist, well-drained soils. Does not tolerate salt conditions well.

Height: 4m
Width: 3m
Rate of growth: Slow


Glossy heart shaped leaves with a hint of soft reddish- pink, but quickly matures to a vibrant green.


Pinkish- purple blooms.