Citrus reticulata 'Sunrise Lime'

Plant Group: Evergreen Fruiting
Genus: Citrus
Species 'Var': reticulata
Common Name: 'Sunrise Lime'

Quick Facts:

Attractive golden-coloured fruit on an upright shrub to small tree. Foilage is dark, glossy green. The oval shaped leaves, cream flowers occur in Spring to early Summer. Fruits ripen in winter and are pear-shaped. Juice squeezed from the fruit has a sharp, clean flavour and a light 'floral' aroma.

Height: 6m
Width: 3m
Rate of growth: Slow


Dark green glossy oval leaves


Cream coloured flowers in Spring and early Summer.


Pear shaped golden fruit with a sharp, clean flavour and a light 'floral' aroma in Winter.