Elaeocarpus reticulatus 'Blueberry Ash'

Plant Group: Australian Tree
Genus: Elaeocarpus
Species 'Var': reticulatus
Common Name: 'Blueberry Ash'

Quick Facts:

A small tree that grows in the understoreys of sheltered valleys on sandstone woodlands, most commonly in wetter gullies, but will also grow happily on stony ridges. The bark is grey. Leaves are tough and elliptical. The drooping white (occasionally pink) cup-shaped flowers are delicately fringed, enclosing yellow stamens appearing in November and December.

Height: 6m
Width: 3m
Rate of growth: Moderate


Dark green leathery leaves with pinkish new growth.


Small drooping white-pink cup-shaped flowers in Summer.


Shiny dark blue berries present through Autumn and Winter.