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How do I get my tree home?



  • We offer delivery to your front yard Monday to Friday.
  • With our experience in transporting trees, this is a good option.
  • Trees are secured on our truck to prevent movement from damaging the root ball and covered to prevent leaf burn to the canopy.
  • Please contact our office for delivery charges.


Pick up

  • The other option is to pick up the tree yourself, on a trailer (not caged) or Ute.
  • Bring ropes or ties to secure the tree/s to prevent movement causing damage to the root ball and a tarpaulin or blanket to protect the canopy. 
  • To meet the legal load requirements, ask us about the size of your desired trees, so you know what trailer or ute to bring. Due to the Chain of Responsibility, we are unable to load a tree if it is not safe. See the Mainroads WA website, for more information.
  • If it is a hot day, cover the trailer base before you leave home to keep it cool and park in the shade, so that the tree is not going onto a hot trailer and getting burnt.
  • Please note that due to OH&S we are unable to load trees into car boots, which can also cause damage to the tree.
  • Trailer hire is available nearby at Classic Hire, 31 Buckingham Drive Wangara. Ph 9409 8870.