Citrus limon 'Eureka Lemon'

Plant Group: Evergreen Fruiting
Genus: Citrus
Species 'Var': limon
Common Name: 'Eureka Lemon'

Quick Facts:

'Eureka' lemon is the preferred lemon in Perth. It makes an open tree and is nearly thornless, cropping all year round in hot coastal areas like Perth, with the bumper seaon in March-April. The fruit has a pretty rough skin that is often ribbed and a highly acidic flesh, but yields lots of juice. The fruit also has a most prominent nipple at its base. Tree has white flowers in spring. It is frost sensitive, shallow root systems and does not tolerate extreme heat.

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Height: 6m
Width: 4m
Rate of growth: Slow


Lemons have purpled tinged new growth. Lemon trees are lighter green than other citrus trees.


White flowers


Large yellow fruit with rough skin and highly acidic flesh, with lots of juice