Citrus limon 'Lemonade'

Plant Group: Evergreen Fruiting
Genus: Citrus
Species 'Var': limon
Common Name: 'Lemonade'

Quick Facts:

The lemonade variety originated in Australia and was launched and promoted by Engal's Nursery, even making front page of the Sydney Morning Herald in the late eighties. It is now widely grown in backyards throughout Australia. The Lemonade looks like a lemon, but can be eaten straight from the tree, just like a mandarin or orange. It's a lot sweeter than a lemon with a refreshing tang. It truly has to be tasted to be appreciated. It makes a refreshing drink when juiced. The tree is upright grower that produces an abundance of fruit, ripening mid winter. Be the envy of all your friends when they sample this unusual fruit, that can't be purchased at the fruit shop. Well drained site with sun, needs fertiliser.

Height: 4m
Width: 2m
Rate of growth: Slow


Dark green leaves


White frangrant flowers


Sweet lemon that can be eaten off the tree. Ripens mid winter.