Eucalyptus forrestiana 'Fuchsia Gum'

Plant Group: WA Tree
Genus: Eucalyptus
Species 'Var': forrestiana
Common Name: 'Fuchsia Gum'

Quick Facts:

This highly ornamental fuchsia gum has been extensively grown as a small street tree in semi-arid regions. It forms a small tree with a dense dark green canopy and smooth gray bark which is deciduous in long strips during late summer. The bright red 4-sided flower buds to 5cm long are usually solitary on long, pendulous stalks.  They open to reveal short yellow stamens in summer through to autumn and are followed by conspicuous red fruits.

Tolerant of sand and clay. Fremantle Marri - southern species

Height: 6m
Width: 4m
Rate of growth: Slow to moderate


Dark green


Red flowers


Red fruit