Fraxinus oxycarpa aurea 'Golden Stem Ash'

Plant Group: Deciduous Trees
Genus: Fraxinus
Species 'Var': oxycarpa aurea
Common Name: 'Golden Stem Ash'

Quick Facts:

A medium sized, attractive tree that can be found in parks and streets, suited as shade trees. Very hardy tree with a rounded shape and open canopy. The spring growth is a pale lemon-green colour, changing brilliant golden foliage during the summer months. The branches of this ash are an attractive orange-yellow. Suitable for street plantings. Frost hardy, suitable to most climates once established it is drought and pollution tolerant.

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Height: 8m
Width: 6m
Rate of growth: Moderate


Pale lemon-green spring growth tturns to a brilliant golden foliage in summer.


Inconspicuous flowers appear in winter when the tree is bare.


Seed pods