Lagerstroemia indica x fauriei 'Acoma Crepe Myrtle'

Plant Group: Deciduous Trees
Genus: Lagerstroemia
Species 'Var': indica x fauriei
Common Name: 'Acoma Crepe Myrtle'

Quick Facts:

This tough, powdery mildew resistant cultivar is of great ornamental value for its abundant white flowers and attractive bark and foliage. Excellent as a specimen for small gardens or for growing in containers. Multi branching. Low spreading, semi-pendulous branches. Pure white flowers with prominent gold anthers borne summer to early autumn. Pruning in winter will encourage the production of larger flower heads the following summer.

Known for its white flowers and smooth trunk.

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Powerdy mildew resistant. Adaptable to a range of conditions, however it is best in moist, well drained, slightly acidic soils in a position receiving full sun. Moderate drought and heat tolerant.

Height: 4m
Width: 3m
Rate of growth: Slow


Low spreading, semi-pendulous branches.


Pure-white flowers with prominent gold anthers borne summer to early Autumn.