Malus eleyi x purpurea 'Eleyi x Purpurea Crabapple'

Plant Group: Deciduous Trees
Genus: Malus
Species 'Var': eleyi x purpurea
Common Name: Malus eleyi x purpurea 'Eleyi x Purpurea Crabapple'

Quick Facts:

Adabtable little crabapple with purplish leaves, an impressive floral display of red to reddish pink flowers and abundant purplish red fruit in autumn. Good for use in small gardens, street plantings and possibly large containers. It produces single flowers in mid spring. It does well in deep, rich and well drained soil.It is tolerant of dry conditions once established. Flowering and fruit display best in full sun.

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Height: 4m
Width: 3m
Rate of growth: Slow to moderate


Bronzy green when young and becomes purplish green.



Red to reddish pink flowers. Single flowers up to 3 cm wide on long pedicels borne in umbels, mid-spring. The deep red buds open softer reddish-pink.


Abundant purplish red, slightly elongated pomes to 2.5cm diameter in Autumn. Excellent for making crab apple jelly.