Standard Deciduous

Morus alba pendula 'Weeping Mulberry'

Plant Group: Deciduous Fruiting
Genus: Morus
Species 'Var': alba pendula
Common Name: 'Weeping Mulberry'

Quick Facts:

A weeping mulberry with long pendulous branches sweeping to the ground that are cloaked with large, glossy leaves. This is a tough small 'special effect' tree suited to park and garden planting. These trees are a grafted variety and will grow only as high as the stock used. Only the width of the canopy and trunk expand with age. They have broadly oval leaves with a heart-shaped vase that is coarsely-toothed; and insignificant greenish male and female flowers. Bares edible fruit. Good to sit under in summer.

Height: 3m
Width: 4m
Rate of growth: Slow


Glossy, bright green variably lobed leaves. Autumn colour yellow to yellowish-green.




An edible, small white to reddish-black mulberry in mid-summer.