Nyssa sylvatica 'Tupelo'

Plant Group: Deciduous Trees
Genus: Nyssa
Species 'Var': sylvatica
Common Name: 'Tupelo'

Quick Facts:

Tupelo is a stunning tree best known for its rich autumn display and highly ornamental barks. Popular as a specimen tree for parks and gardens. Conical growth habit, becoming rounded with age. Tolerates poorly drained and moderately wet sites, but best in a well drained, moist, acid soil. Intolerant of compacted soils, high pH and high atmospheric pollution. A relatively slow growing species,

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Height: 8m
Width: 6m
Rate of growth: Slow


Dark green glossy narrowly ovate leaves. Bronze new growth and yellowish-apricot to bright scarlet in autumn making for a spectacular seasonal display.


inconspicuous green flowers


Small, black and seldom seen