Pistacia chinensis 'Chinese Pistachio'

Plant Group: Deciduous Trees
Genus: Pistacia
Species 'Var': chinensis
Common Name: 'Chinese Pistachio'

Quick Facts:

Very tolerant of dry and sandy conditions, urban stresses and pruining. Small to medium deciduous tree with a rounded head and upright branching. Attractive fine pinnate foliage, dark green, almost lustrous, produces brilliant autumn colours of yellow, orange and scarlet. Blue/red fruit following flowers. Bark dark grey, developing shallow furrows, exfoliated flakes reveal a salmon to orange inner bark. Adapts to most soil types. Formative pruning required developing central trunk.

Height: 8m
Width: 6m
Rate of growth: Moderate


Dark green and glossy, pinnate leaves, usually with 10 or 12 leaflets. The autumn colour is a spectacular orange to reddish-orange. The leaves are generally held well into winter.


Insignificant yellowish-green flowers in panicles in spring. Male and female flowers are produced on seperate plants.


Small blue to red drupes to 6mm on female plants in autumn.