Pyrus fauriei 'Korean Sun'

Plant Group: Deciduous Trees
Genus: Pyrus
Species 'Var': fauriei
Common Name: 'Korean Sun'

Quick Facts:

This small ornamental pear is compact, has a dense growth habit and hardy disposition. It is a good tree for hedging, screening and used as a barrier. A good tree to have in small to medium- sized gardens. Has a glossy green foilage to tolerate heat. It changes to bright tones of red and orange in autumn, it also breaks bud quite early in spring. Under certain conditions in late summer to autumn, small inedible fruits are formed. The bark is a light grey but becomes slightly furrowed with age. It is highly adaptable to a wide range of conditions and soils. Has a good drought tolerance, however moist well- drained soil has the best results. Tolerates periods of waterlogging and grows best in full sun.

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Height: 5m
Width: 4m
Rate of growth: Slow to moderate


Glossy green foilage. Turns to bright tones of red and orange in autumn.


Small white flowers cover the tree in early spring.


Small inedible fruit.