As the Name suggests, Ellenby Tree Farm specialises in trees. As a wholesale supplier and a retail outlet we are well equipped to provide our customers with the trees that they are after no matter how large or small their requirements.

We are well suited to the needs of the residential garden, with a vast array of feature trees, screening trees, fruiting trees, unique cycads, and Plumeria (Frangipani) some of which are over 100 years old! We have a dedicated retail display nursery with over 6 acres of trees as well as an established garden for ideas. There are more varieties of trees in this location than many of the world’s leading arboretums.

With 60,000 + trees on our 70 acre production nursery, Ellenby Tree Farms is capable or revegetating entire estates, and in many cases, we do. These include the new Ellenbrook Town Centre, The Village at Wellard, Shorehaven, and the Vale at Avondale. Ellenby Tree Farm is also contract growing large quantities of trees for various projects, Shires and developments.

We use the most advances methods and technology to produce premium quality trees. These techniques have been refined to reflect Western Australia's growing conditions which are vastly different to the Eastern States. This has places Ellenby Tree Farm at the pinnacle of advance tree growing in Australia. Constant research around the world has seen Ellenby Tree Farm adapt and improve what has been learnt from competitors and allies. After years of infield and scientific research and experience, we have learnt of the importance of a perfect root system. To achieve this we are growing our trees with a combination of techniques which include growing trees in the ground and using specialised root maker pots. Now using the 'Rootmaker System', ETF is the only tree farm/nursery in Australia to be credited as a certified platinum rootmaker grower.

Our stocklist contains over 400 different species of trees so there is little chance that we will not have the appropriate tree for any situation. We have tropical trees suited to the North West and have sent many road trains to regional centres such as Karratha, Port Hedland, Meekathara and the recent refurbishment of Carnarvon’s main street. We have a significant range of trees suited to the southern climate with the likes of Denmark where the restoration of the town median strips has seen the planting of a diverse range of exotic trees.

For those looking for the impact of a mature tree, Ellenby Tree Farm has dedicated 10 acres of farmland to growing premium- 15 to 20 year old trees in the fertile loam soil of the Swan Valley, these are the best of the best, chosen for the premium attributes out of the vast array of trees from the production nursery. From the boutique to the mainstream, there are over 1000 trees available for selection.

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