Many trees live to ripe old ages. But in the natural forest, each large old tree represents only a fraction of the number of trees that began on the site. What happened to the rest of them? A few tree... more info +

Garden Week 2013 Highlights

This year our trees were showcased by Empire Lane and Mondo Landscapes in their displays at the NGIWA stand.  Empire Lane featured our beautiful Nyssa sylvatica, which was home to two lovely bud... more info +

Garden Week 2012 Highlights

Last month got me a little bit of a dream gig to go and cover Garden Week for OUTinPerth. Up until the point I was dragged out for drooling on too many exhibits I thought it was one of the best garden... more info +

MAI Australia - Mycorrhizal Inoculant - What is MycoApply®

MycoApply® mycorrhizal inoculant for superior plant performanceMycoApply® is an organic (BFA Allowed Input 11180AI), scientifically proven product which naturally helps the establishment and growth ... more info +

Growing tomorrow's tree today

Perth’s best kept secret. Ellenby Tree Farm is considered to be the forerunners in advanced trees throughout Western Australia. We use the most advanced methods and technology to produce premium quality trees.

These techniques have been refined to reflect Western Australia’s growing conditions which are vastly different to the Eastern States. This has placed Ellenby Tree Farm at the pinnacle of advanced tree growing in Australia. Constant research around the world has seen Ellenby Tree Farm adapt and improve what has been learnt from competitors and allies.  After years of infield and scientific research and experience we have learnt of the importance of a perfect root system. To achieve this we are growing our trees with a combination of techniques which include growing trees in the ground and using specialised root maker pots. Now using the ‘Rootmaker system’ ETF is the only tree farm/nursery in Australia to be credited as a certified platinum rootmaker grower.

Ellenby's Hot Pick

Gleditsia triacanthos inermis 'Sunburst'

Gleditsia triacanthos inermis 'Sunburst'

Medium to tall tree, as the branches mature they become graceful and pendulous, sweeping towards the ground, eventually forming an open, rounded tree. Young branches have a zig zag formation. New growth is a bright, golden yellow, maturing to a yellowish-green. Large fern-like pinnate and bipinnate leaves. Golden-yellow in autumn

Known for its gold leaves. Can cope with drier conditions.

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